her 2.0

Last week I watched the film ‘her‘. It’s set in the future. Theodore, a guy in his 40s, falls in love with his new intelligent operation system. The film is actually pretty good and worth watching. The film’s humour is odd and unsettling which I find great.

The plot reminded me of ‘Cherry 2000‘ – an 80s movie. It depicts the future as lacking love as women became emancipated and bring their attorney to their first date to draw up a contract for a one-night-stand. Hence some men decide to ditch women completely and go for robots instead. In this future robots are dumb and easier than women. Admittedly Cherry 2000 is odd and unsettling too but lacks humour unfortunately.

For me the big difference between ‘her’ and ‘Cherry 2000′ is humour and wit: Samantha, the OS in ‘her’ has both of them, Cherry the robot in ‘Cherry 2000′ lacks both. Samantha is a character, Cherry an empty case.

‘her’ is the emancipation of artificial intelligence.