The Oxford bike experience


Oxford hates bikes.

Up on the bike, on the road, it begins to rain, puddles from the last rainfall are stirred up, you drive through them, on your right a bus, only centimeters away, the bus-driver overtakes, drives slightly more to the left, so you can’t drive next to him anymore, he stops, you stop, you wait, in a puddle.

Riding your bike can be a pain in Oxford. Yes. But Oxford makes you yearn for this pain. Simply by depriving you from your bike.

Lunch at College, returning to the bike racks, spotting a bike next to yours, it’s new, it’s locked to yours, you are stuck. No way to get out of this other than waiting. The police won’t help and a locksmith will charge you 50 quid.

Today, dear bike I had to leave you behind. Oxford has seized you.